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ANNOUNCE: two new systems for Debian developers APT going into infinite loop... bash for sparc: Release-critical bug inventory Bootdisks status for sparc? browsers under X? Can't get address for... CD images appearing (except sparc :-[ ) Re: CD images - m68k "fix" Re: compiling 2.2.13 'console-tools' cannot find console Re: Cross-compiling on Debian systems? debian-sparc CD DOSEMU false alarm (Re: potato binutils broken) fdisk and native partition formats (was: Re: Problems with SILO (Sparc slink)) FIXED: modutils 2.3.9-1.1 [Fwd: info on sparc10] gpm does not work hardware question: power supply rating for sparc 5 Hello and first question Help error messages bootiing rescue disks Help! Kernel panics.. info on sparc10 Kernel Compiling Kernel stopped compiling after update to newest Potato.. Keyboard problem (kernel 2.2.7) Last call for updated non-i386 packages. missing keys in X11 Need help [Fwd: Bug#52468: wml: undefined symbol: PL_sv_undef at /usr/lib/perl5/5.004/sparc-linux/ line 169.] Netscape for SPARC new release of sparc-utils Ok - I'll bite...How do you make the 8 bit sound work on an IPC? parallax + X PHP3 Module for Apache-SSL Possible libc problems.. potato binutils broken potato errors Potato install Re: [potato] rdate problem pppd at 76.8 kb/s on Sparc's onboard serial (zilog) Problems with SILO (Sparc slink) Problem with floppy reboot: PROM prompt loops resolution on Sparc (IPC) Slink install on U250 Re: SMP on SparcServer 1000E Sparc boots now from SD! Many thanks Still probelms to boot from SD Trouble to use SSH 1.2 with SPARC Re: trouble with NIS in slink update Re: Updated 2.1r4 package list errata. WARNING: broken modutils on sparc64...again weeeeeeird libc/ntpdate behaviour? What Kit to get xforms Re: xmodmap questions XSun docs? The last update was on 20:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 143 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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