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Re: Need help [Fwd: Bug#52468: wml: undefined symbol: PL_sv_undef at /usr/lib/perl5/5.004/sparc-linux/DynaLoader.pm line 169.]

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Bassett <bbassett@bbassett.net> writes:
    Brian> Hello, I got this bug report, and I'm not quite sure
    Brian> whether this is a Perl problem, a Sparc problem, a Perl on
    Brian> Sparc problem, an autobuilder problem, or what.  This works
    Brian> for me on an i386.

WTF is wml doing building its own perl library?  That is Wrong, Evil
and Bad (tm).

    >> <apharris@arroz:logos> make wml -q -o UNDEFuEN:index.en.html
    >> index.wml Can't load
    >> '/usr/lib/wml/perl/lib/5.005/sparc-linux/auto/IO/IO.so' for
    >> module IO:
    >> /usr/lib/wml/perl/lib/5.005/sparc-linux/auto/IO/IO.so:
    >> undefined symbol: PL_sv_undef at
    >> /usr/lib/perl5/5.004/sparc-linux/DynaLoader.pm line 169.

The problem is that perl as part of wml has been misbuilt somehow.  My
guess is something is playing games with the namespace cleanup that
occured between 5.004 & 5.005.

The correct fix is to use the existing perl environment and link
against libperl.a.  Of course, the *really* correct fix is for
perl5.005 to provide a libperl.so.


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