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Re: Problems with SILO (Sparc slink)

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Kurt Mosiejczuk wrote:

> That's weird.  Let me check and make sure it's 's', but I JUST installed
> slink on an IPC within the past day or two and I KNOW it listed the new
> sun disklabel option.  And my version of slink is the official CDs, like
> 2.1r0, so unless it was "patched" out of existence recently, it should be
> there...
> --Kurt

It is indeed `s' as I managed to write a Sun label by now - but it does
still not occurr in the help.

I took the image files from our german ftp mirror...  But alas I still
cannot boot from the hard disk although I now /have/ a ext2 partition
starting at 0 and I also have a whole_disk partition - but OpenBoot still
says `sd(0) not ready'.  At least silo did not give any warnings but
configured correctly...  

I am just installing the rest by now before I continue to check up on that
silo thingy...


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