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Re: Ok - I'll bite...How do you make the 8 bit sound work on an IPC?

On Fri, 24 Dec 1999, Fleet Captain Druaga wrote:

> OK.
> Here's what I've got:
> Debian 2.1 on a Sparc IPC, 36meg RAM, 200meg (/dev/sda), cdrom (/dev/cdrom)
> SCSI ID 6)
> I'm sure I've got the kernel installed with audio module installed - I chose
> to install that module when I did the install that I booted from the CD-ROM
> directly.
> I was able to do a MAKEDEV audio and get the /dev entries into existence but
> if I run something like esd or bplay it tells me that /dev/dsp doesn't
> exist.
> I couldn't find a specific Sparc sound How-To for Debian so anything would
> help me at this point.

Maybe I'll write one. I assume you have modules "audio" and "amd7930"
loaded, if those are modular? Else, does dmesg say an amd7930 was found on
the machine? If not, configure your kernel for audio


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