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Analyse your voice and check your compatibility with friends/celebs... asd4_0.2-2.1_i386.changes INSTALLED awe_0.4.3.1-2_i386.changes INSTALLED awe override disparity biomode_1.002-6_i386.changes INSTALLED bookmarker_2.7.0-2.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Bug#102453: marked as done (svgalibg1 doesn't create required docs symlink) Bug#102760: marked as done (won't build on hppa) Bug#104812: marked as done (Build failure on hppa (at least)) Bug#105503: marked as done (won't build on IA-64) Bug#111039: marked as done (looses page selection) Bug#111285: marked as done (clisp: build failure on alpha) Bug#112733: marked as done (libpaperg-dev: No documentation for papername, paperpswidth, or paperpsheight) Bug#114589: marked as done (rmc: build failure on ia64) Bug#121142: marked as done (svgalib1: linked against libc6) Bug#121142: svgalib1 fixed in incoming Bug#123369: more info Bug#124752: marked as done (igerman: Spelling error in description) Bug#125026: marked as done (librmc: Spelling error in description) Bug#125320: marked as done (rmc-binaries: Spelling error in description) Bug#125460: marked as done (vkeybd: Spelling error in description) Bug#125479: marked as done (wgerman: Spelling error in description) Bug#125523: marked as done (xcoral: Spelling error in description) Bug#125578: marked as done (zed: Spelling error in description) Bug#126951: marked as done (shhopt: Patch for lintian reported errors) Bug#127076: marked as done (xaw3dg: Please remove either README.Debian or README.debian) Bug#127084: marked as done (awe-drv: Patch for /usr/doc -> /usr/share/doc in doc-base) Bug#127770: more info Bug#128164: svgalibg1: segfault (file missing perhaps?) Bug#128236: xcolorsel: additionally the little colored boxes are missing Bug#129104: bug 129104 (buffer overflow + template reading in cgiemail) Bug#129117: marked as done (problem persists) Bug#129950: marked as done (lshell: /usr/bin/lshells/ is very ugly) Bug#129952: marked as done (lshell: /bin/lshells is prohibited by FHS) Bug#130965: marked as done (Long description line) Bug#131124: marked as done (hkgerman: copyright doesn't seem to be DFSG-free) Bug#131335: downgrading bug Bug#131335: marked as done (libpaperg: papersize is re-asked when upgrading from potato) Bug#131950: marked as done (xaw3dg: debconf question should be asked in .config script) Bug#131950: xaw3dg: debconf question should be asked in .config script Bug#132146: biomode: Files in etc not marked as conffiles Bug#132146: marked as done (biomode: Files in etc not marked as conffiles) Bug#132168: marked as done (svgalibg1: Files in etc not marked as conffiles) Bug#132416: playmidi: example midi files distributable? Bug#132419: marked as done (playmidi: man page generates warnings) Bug#132419: playmidi: man page generates warnings Bug#132435: marked as done (seahorse: It print's user's password to her keys in log) Bug#132435: Project looks dead Bug#132822: marked as done (upsd: Files in etc not marked as conffiles) Bug#132822: upsd: Files in etc not marked as conffiles Bug#132826: marked as done (vkeybd: Files in etc not marked as conffiles) Bug#132826: vkeybd: Files in etc not marked as conffiles Bug#132896: epic4-script-light: wishlist README.Debian changes Bug#132942: zope-pythonmethod should use debconf Bug#133175: vkeybd: can't open sequencer device Bug#133176: vkeybd: Better keyboard-like behavior. Bug#133583: marked as done (voberon_19991220-2(unstable/sparc): missing build-depends) Bug#133583: voberon_19991220-2(unstable/sparc): missing build-depends Bug#133689: kicq: FTBFS: undefined reference to UCIterator::isValid() (hppa/unstable) Bug#133858: bookmarker: Typo on the package description Bug#133858: marked as done (bookmarker: Typo on the package description) Bug#133970: voberon cannot build from sources on ia64 Bug#134069: marked as done (general: /usr/lib/bookmarker/lib/ is word readable) Bug#134069: Patch Bug#134083: FTBFS: Build failure of njplot on i386 Bug#134083: marked as done (FTBFS: Build failure of njplot on i386) Bug#134083: [PATCH] Fixes build failure Bug#134118: override disparity Bug#134119: override disparity Bug#134299: marked as done (SEGV when using playmidi with 8-character filenames) Bug#134299: SEGV when using playmidi with 8-character filenames Bug#134565: CLISP is a very old version Bug#134586: igerman: Spelling mistake in igerman dictionary Bug#134586: marked as done (igerman: Spelling mistake in igerman dictionary) Bug#134674: marked as done (dependecy problem in logtrend-visuapache) Bug#134865: kde-games is uninstallable Bug#134907: logtrend-storageserver: typo in READ.Debian Bug#135106: init script of logtrend-snmpagent fails Bug#135299: lockdev doesn't support DevFS Bug#135467: logtrend-mailbridge: Suggestion for improved description Bug#135468: logtrend-complexalarm: Suggestion for improved description Bug#135469: logtrend-consolidation: Confusing description Bug#135471: logtrend-httpagent: Suggestion for improved description Bug#135472: logtrend-snmpagent: Suggestion for improved description Bug#135532: logtrend-visuapache: Suggestion for improved description Bug#135796: meta-kde: this package badly needs a maintainer, and badly needs to get into woody Bug#135854: mgdiff: not able to diff utf-8 files Bug#135869: russian template file [zope-emarket] Bug#135968: bookmarker is not lintian clean Bug#136268: Depends need snort-mysql Bug#43173: igerman and ingerman Bug#43237: marked as done (zed: no man pages for zed and zedx) Bug#46607: marked as done (gv: ToC fails to update highlight when auto-scrolling) Bug#48303: marked as done (Remove question, guess papersize) Bug#60733: marked as done (saytime only screeches almost ununderstandably) Bug#60733: Saytime: Same Problem Here Bug#63223: marked as done (gv: gv ignores option -nosafer) Bug#63573: ilu-doc: Patch correcting the bug Bug#66059: marked as done (Doesn't display last page) Bug#71154: marked as done (igerman: new hk2-buglist should be merged) Bug#88524: marked as done (saydate uses /dev/audio device, not supported on all sound cards...) Bug#90482: marked as done (ISO-Characters missing) Bug #91243 against dejasearch Bug#91243: Bug #91243 against dejasearch Bug#93083: marked as done (failed autobuild of xcoral_1:3.2-3 (m68k): file permission problem with debian/ Bug#97324: marked as done (tk-brief: too big fonts) Bug#97568: marked as done (xmp: NMU 1.1.3-1.*) Bug#99200: marked as done (can't build on arm) clisp_2.27-0.4_alpha.changes INSTALLED clisp_2.27-0.5_alpha.changes INSTALLED dcethreads_2.0.2-6_hppa.changes INSTALLED dcethreads override disparity dejasearch doesn't work anymore dot-forward_0.71-4_i386.changes INSTALLED dot-forward override disparity fastforward_0.51-5_i386.changes INSTALLED fastforward override disparity hkgerman_2-12_i386.changes INSTALLED kernel-patch-kiobuf_2.2.18-3_i386.changes INSTALLED langdrill_0.2.1-5_i386.changes INSTALLED Linuxconf network setup problem logtrend-complexalarm_0.81-2_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-consolidation_0.81-3_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-doc_0.81-2_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-ftpagent_0.81-3_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-httpagent_0.81-3_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-linuxagent_0.81-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED logtrend-linuxagent_0.81-3_i386.changes REJECTED logtrend-linuxagent override disparity logtrend-mailbridge_0.81-3_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-snmpagent_0.81-3_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-snortagent_0.81-3_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-storageserver_0.81-3_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-visuapache_0.81-4_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-visuapache_0.81-5_i386.changes INSTALLED logtrend-visuengine_0.81-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED lshell_2.01-11_i386.changes INSTALLED meta-kde package and Testing mgdiff_1.0-17_i386.changes INSTALLED moxftp_2.2-18_i386.changes INSTALLED mueller_2002.02.27_i386.changes ACCEPTED mueller override disparity njplot_0.0-4_i386.changes INSTALLED php4_4.1.1-1.0.1_alpha+i386.changes INSTALLED php4_4.1.1-1.1_alpha+i386.changes REJECTED playmidi_2.4-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED Processed: downgrade Processed: downgrading bug Processed: jo :) Processed: lshell: absolute path of login shell may have 2 or more "/lshells" Processed: more info Processed: Re: #119596 Please remove mule2* Processed: Re: Bug#128164: svgalibg1: segfault (file missing perhaps?) Processed: Re: Bug#134069: general: /usr/lib/bookmarker/lib/ is word readable Processed: Re: Bug#134865: kde-games is uninstallable Processed: retitle 53390 to playmidi: distortion in output to external keyboard Processed: retitle 97738 to gv: can't render Processed: rmc bugs fixed in incoming Processed: should be grave Processed: tagging 129104 Processed: tagging 134565 Processed: tag -help +pending Processed: tags Processed: your mail Processing of dcethreads_2.0.2-6_hppa.changes Processing of hkgerman_2-12_i386.changes Processing of lshell_2.01-11_i386.changes Processing of upsd_2.5-3_i386.changes rmc_20010628CVS-5_i386.changes INSTALLED rmc override disparity seahorse_0.5.0-2_i386.changes INSTALLED seahorse_0.5.0-3_i386.changes INSTALLED Some (Quality) suggestions sslwrap_2.0.6-4_i386.changes REJECTED svgalib_1.4.3-5_i386.changes INSTALLED svgalib_1.4.3-6_i386.changes INSTALLED upsd_2.5-3_i386.changes INSTALLED vchkpw_3.1.2-9_i386.changes ACCEPTED vchkpw override disparity voberon_19991220-2_i386.changes INSTALLED voberon_19991220-3_i386.changes INSTALLED voberon override disparity wmppxp_0.51.0-2.2_i386.changes INSTALLED [광고] 종량제 봉투 절약형 압축쓰레기통 소개 [홍보] 엠피쓰리 플레이어를 무료로 드립니다 [광고]이기회에 마케팅 회사를 차려도 됩니다. 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