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Bug#134299: SEGV when using playmidi with 8-character filenames

Package: playmidi
Version: 2.4-2

When used in with files with an eight character name, but no extension
is specified, playmidi segfaults. When the extension or path is stated,
no SEGV.

When playmidi is not used in X, "playmidi -r midifile" works, but
"playmidi midifile" doesn't work, and "splaymidi midifile" segfaults.
When playmidi is used in X, "playmidi -r midifile" segfaults, "playmidi
midifile" doesn't work, and "xplaymidi midifile" does nothing.

All of these possibilities work when "midifile" is replaced with
"./midifile" or "midifile.mid".

kernel version:		2.4.17
libc6 version:		2.2.4-7

libncurses5 version:	5.2.20020112a-3
libxaw7 version:		4.1.0-13
svgalibg1 version:		1.4.3-4
xlibs version:		4.1.0-13
debconf version:		1.0.25


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