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Bug#132435: Project looks dead

El Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 12:15:31AM +0100, Cord Beermann escribía:

> Hi.
> Looking at the website and the cvs at seahorse.sf.net, the current
> home of the project, it looks to me as if the project is dead. The
> last release dates on 19.02.2001, the last change to the homepage
> 21.05.2001.

  Yes, I'm currently very busy... more than expected. I'm on the last
 two years at Uni, and I have a lot of work to do and a lot of things to
 study. Also I have some "connection problems", as I cannot access a
 computer connected to Internet. I have to access Internet from our
 computers room, which is a painful place to program things.

  I'd like to go on with the project. I'd like to port it to GNOME2 and
 GPGME, but I really can't right now.

> So i'd suggest to point users to the gpa-package, and drop this one
> out of Debian.
  With the latest RC bug the package will be out of Woody. Putting a
 the package out of Sid does not make sense. Following this we could
 drop half the archive.

  Anyway, if Christian wants, I can take care of it.


   Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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