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Bug#60733: Saytime: Same Problem Here

I'm having the same problem here, more or less.  When I actually run the
saytime program, I get nothing but a click (I'll file a seperate bug on
that later if needed)--but I had the same trouble as the original filer
when trying to play the files in /usr/share/saytime, so here's my $.02

"cat 1.au > /dev/audio" has the same problem--it sounds like it's coming
across a noisy radio channel.

A simple "play 1.au" fails thusly:

sox: Failed reading 1.au: Did not detect valid Sun/NeXT/DEC magic number
in header.

I managed to concoct this, which plays it clearly:

sox -t raw -c 1 -b -r 8000 -U 1.au -t ossdsp /dev/audio

The alternative command that the original filer used also works.

I got the "-t ossdsp" bit from looking at play, since it's just a shell
script around sox.

Evidently just catting a u-law file to /dev/audio doesn't work for me in
this particular case--if it's supposed to, what needs to be configured
differently?  /proc/sound doesn't exist for me.  Sound driver is es1371
for Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI.

Jason B.

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