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Some (Quality) suggestions


I hope I'm doing this at the right place,
I'd like to give some comments of what I 
think that should be in Debain:

I'd like to see more task packages in
Woody before the official release.
I noticed tasks are not available for 
gnome and kde. What would be nice is a 
task for each group of packages for kde
and gnome. Like: 

task-kde-libs (for all library packages)
task-kde-base (for all base packages)

I alos like to see more server 
tasks as well, like:


I think by having this, more ease would be 
added to debian. For this I'd like to help
if nessecary, I already wrote down a list
with possible tasks with their packages.

A new installer would be nice,
this is actually something I'm working on
right now, the installer is supposed to be
as stable possible connecting to a backend
that's the actual installer.

client <-> server (installer)

The installer is supposed to be as easy
as possible as for Unix without immitating
the Redmond OS. I already like the current
debian installer and its concept, so the 
concept will remain the same, only easier.

This process will set up the base system,
with everything needed for a working system:

pre (intro, license ...)
profile (language, arch, kernel, system, branch)
hardware setup (detection...)
hardware config (partitioning...)
software setup (bootloader...)
software config (networking...)
post (reboot)

This is just an idea, the order is going to
be all different than this, as networking 
should be available after the hardware
configuration. but by every configuration
you do the installation server is queried
and will queue the operation. You can
also write a installation script that makes
it possible to do a full installation without
user interaction.

I know it's too late for an new installer to 
make it into woody, may be the next release.

3. I'd like to see woody become as stable
as Potato. I heard the release cycles will become
much faster. I know some people are complaining, 
but probably cause they don't know unstable (sid) 
is very recent and may be more solid than Redhat
(except for the broken packages sometimes).
Currently I wouldn't use woody on a production

Okay, these where my concerns, I'd like to
hear some suggestions and answers. 
I don't know if this message is stored on a
mailing list. Tnx for taking time to read
this message.

Mike Machuidel

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