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Bug#134069: Patch

Tags: patch

This patch hopefully does the following:
 - Corrects description, closing #133858
 - Fixes permissions on bklocal.inc to 640 root/www-data, closing #134069
 - Removes bashism and cruft from rules

I'm not sure whether the way I have fixed the permissions is correct (can I 
rely on www-data being a valid group?) but it looks OK here.
diff -u bookmarker-2.7.0.old/debian/control bookmarker-2.7.0/debian/control
--- bookmarker-2.7.0.old/debian/control	Mon Feb 25 17:23:43 2002
+++ bookmarker-2.7.0/debian/control	Mon Feb 25 17:11:42 2002
@@ -12,8 +12,8 @@
 Description: WWW based bookmark management, retrieval and search tool
  Bookmarker is a nice tool for people who have too many bookmarks, in
  too many different browsers, on too many different computers. It helps
- manage bookmarks throw categories and allow other people access or
- extent your bookmark database throw a really simple http based interface.
+ manage bookmarks through categories and allows other people to view or
+ extend your bookmark database through a really simple web based interface.
  More information can be found at the bookmarker web site
  http://renaghan.com/bookmarker/ .
diff -u bookmarker-2.7.0.old/debian/rules bookmarker-2.7.0/debian/rules
--- bookmarker-2.7.0.old/debian/rules	Mon Feb 25 17:23:43 2002
+++ bookmarker-2.7.0/debian/rules	Mon Feb 25 17:30:32 2002
@@ -18,9 +18,14 @@
 # Create the bookmarkerconfig man page
 	cp -r `find . -name "*" -type d -maxdepth 1|egrep -v "debian|LICENSE"` debian/tmp/usr/lib/bookmarker/.
-	cp `ls -1 *.{wml,js,php?}` debian/tmp/usr/lib/bookmarker/.
+	pwd
+	cp `ls -1 *.wml *.js *.php?` debian/tmp/usr/lib/bookmarker/.
 	rm -f `find debian -name "*LICENSE*"`
+# Set restrictive permissions on file containing database password
+	chgrp www-data debian/tmp/usr/lib/bookmarker/lib/bklocal.inc
+	chmod 640 debian/tmp/usr/lib/bookmarker/lib/bklocal.inc
 # Install the other (Debian) stuff
@@ -28,8 +33,7 @@
 	dh_compress -Xusr/lib/bookmarker
-	dh_fixperms
-	dh_suidregister
+	dh_fixperms -Xusr/lib/bookmarker/lib/bklocal.inc

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