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Bug#135968: bookmarker is not lintian clean

Package: bookmarker
Version: 2.7.0-2.1

the bookmarker package is not lintian clean:

E: bookmarker source: build-depends-without-arch-dep
N:   The control file specifies source relations for architecture-dependent
N:   packages, but no architecture-dependent packages are built. Most
N:   likely you need to change Build-Depends to Build-Depends-Indep.
N:   Refer to Policy Manual, section 7.6 for details.
W: bookmarker: non-standard-file-perm usr/lib/bookmarker/lib/bklocal.inc 0640 != 0644
N:   The file has a mode different from 0644. In some cases this is
N:   intentional, but in other cases this is a bug. If it's intentional,
N:   please send a note to lintian-maint@debian.org so that this error gets
N:   included in the overrides file of Lintian. (With that, Lintian will
N:   not display this warning in the future.)
W: bookmarker: package-contains-upstream-install-documentation usr/share/doc/bookmarker/INSTALL.gz
N:   Binary packages do not need to contain the instructions for building
N:   and installing the package as this info is not needed by package
N:   users. If the info contained is important for configuration perhaps it
N:   could be summarized in README.Debian otherwise an override may be
N:   added.
N:   Refer to Policy Manual, section 13.3 for details.

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