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Re: brltty FTBFS on hurd-i386 because of lack of sound support Bug#184624: marked as done (Please fix -H init option for preventing gnumach from automatically rebooting on panic) Bug#355002: marked as done (hurd: Should create /dev/{kbd,mouse} symlinks) Re: Re: Re: Re: Emusing Humor Network gnumach_20060402.dfsg.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnumach_20060408.dfsg.1-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnumach override disparity hurd_20050513-7.changes ACCEPTED Hurd installation report hurd override disparity The Hurd wiki Installing GNOME Installing XFCE [It was Re: Installing GNOME] Isn't it time for thinking about K11? [ debian-hurd-Bugs-303355 ] icewm doesn't build on hurd-i386 [ debian-hurd-Bugs-303367 ] [test suite] binutils: test failures [ debian-hurd-Patches-302876 ] #347554: emacs21 (gnuab) [ debian-hurd-Patches-301175 ] [HurdFr] #281870: tla (gnuab) [ debian-hurd-Patches-303059 ] #345001: crosshurd: Should add /dev/com0 entry for the Hurd [ debian-hurd-Patches-303140 ] #356943 bsdmainutils [ debian-hurd-Patches-303261 ] #358041: libc0.3: bits/siginfo.h typo [ debian-hurd-Patches-303263 ] #358274: ocaml: FTBFS on hurd-i386 [ debian-hurd-Patches-303225 ] libopenspc0-0.3.99a [ debian-hurd-Patches-303351 ] cscope [ debian-hurd-Patches-303351 ] cscope (gnuab) [ debian-hurd-Patches-303330 ] #358015: xorg-server: FTBFS on non DRM capable systems [ debian-hurd-Patches-303331 ] #358702: FTBFS: bdftopcf.1x / bdftopcf.1 confusion (gnuab) [ debian-hurd-Patches-303333 ] #358692: xorg: missing vars.hurd-i386 (gnuab) [ debian-hurd-Patches-303406 ] directfb [ debian-hurd-Patches-303351 ] cscope Job - $ 100 per week, please read K11 dependency Probs. K11 discs - lib0.3 K11 tarball and mini iso lumbering Making work Moderating your message Problem with installing Hurd on Seagate SATA Hard disc Processing of gnumach_20060402.dfsg.1-1_i386.changes Processing of gnumach_20060408.dfsg.1-1_i386.changes Processing of hurd_20050513-7.changes Self-building Hurd image? SystemV Shared Memory The last update was on 20:11 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 76 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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