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Re: Installing GNOME

Alejandro Serrano escribió:
Barry deFreese escribió:


Last I had heard we have an issue with Gnome in Debian due to some problem with libonobo or some such. Maybe it has been resolved I don't know.

Barry (aka bddebian)

I don't know whether you talked about it, but my problem is not that Gnome doesn't start, but that I cannot install it due to strange dependencies (for example, it tells me that version 1.2:3 of some package is not installable because only 1.2:3-hurd is available, and so on). I would like to get an installation, or compile it, and then see whether it runs.

Thanks in advance,
Sorry, I've just now received another response from Michael, telling more or less the same, and telling me to try XFCE4. Thanks both for your help.


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