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Re: Isn't it time for thinking about K11?

On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 09:14:49PM +0530,  ????????????????????? ??? (Praveen A) wrote:
>  I think it would be great if we can have a release now with a lot of new
> exciting progress like gnome, Xorg ... and buildd setup...

Yes, I agree with you and Philip Charles that it would now be an adequate
point in time for another release of the K series.

> So if we could
> work on a way to make the live CD (from superunprivileged.org) it would be
> great. It shouldn't be that tough
> 1. Mount a GNU/Hurd partition from the live CD
> 2. Copy the stuff to the partition
> 3. Configure grub to boot from the harddisk.
> It would be great to work with those who made the live CD (I'm volunteering
> for it).

Well then, just go ahead, I'd say!  :-)


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