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Re: Making X.org work

Am Montag, 3. April 2006 20:44 schrieb Alejandro Serrano:


> Thanks you very much. Now it seems to work, but when I execute "startx",
> I get a plain checker-like screen with mouse support (you know, the one
> that tells startx is working), but nothing else happens. I've tried
> installing twm, without result, and also wmaker. I'm not very keen on
> X-Windows, so maybe it's just a silly question, but, what should I do
> next? As I have said, executing "startx" just gives me a plain X-Windows
> screen :-(


the X-server needs *a lot* of time to startup. May be you terminate it too 
early. The chequered screen is a good sign. 

create a ~/.xinitrc with this line:

then execute startx and wait (may be for minutes).


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