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SystemV Shared Memory


with the latest hurd package upload of yesterday (20050513-7), sysvshm
memory should mostly work now (big thanks again to Marcus Brinkmann for
implementing it).

What does not work so far is the standard tmpfs on the /dev/shm node;
for new installations (at least with crosshurd, not sure which MAKEDEV
the ISOs use) that node will no longer be a translator but rather an
ordinary directory.  If you have an already installed system, you can
remove the translator and create the appropriate node via:

# settrans -apfg /dev/shm; rm -rf /dev/shm; mkdir /dev/shm; chmod 1777 /dev/shm

Having /dev/shm reside on the root file system is not so great
performance-wise of course, so we are open to suggestions on how to
improve the situation (besides the obvious choice of fixing tmpfs).
Maybe somebody could check memfs, or one could create a small ext2fs in
a memory store and use that.

Anyway, please test this and report problems (and successes) with shared



Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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