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Making X.org work

I've installed the latest GNU/Hurd release using cross install from a Debian GNU/Linux installation. Everything works OK, except the X-Windows. I've installed x-window-system-core, wmaker, xfs and xdm packages from the Debian repositories. I've copied the XF86Config-4 file from my Debian installation to /etc/X11/xorg.conf in GNU/Hurd, and changed eveything to look like it should (using Device "/dev/mouse" and Protocol "osmouse"). I've also created the links for /dev/mouse and /dev/kbd and started a console. However, when I try to start "startx", I get the following message:

Fatal server error:
xf86EnableIO() can't device_open. ((os/devie) no such device)

I don't know what to do. I would really like to make GNU/Hurd work, in order to try to install Gnome packages and have a working place for porting some other packahes (I'm very interested in porting Mono).
Can anyone help me?


P.S.: I also tried installing XFree using K10 CD's, but I got a "Caught signal 11 error". So, it seems that I cannot get any X system working on my Hur ;-)

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