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Re: Hurd installation report

On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 09:55:07PM +0800, Emfox Zhou wrote:
> At first I download the tarball and unpack it from my GNU/Linux system,
> But after the reboot to the Hurd system, some system message shows that
> "/liexec/console-run: /dev/console not found" (I cannot repeat it
> exactly, but more or less the same meaning), and drop me a shell which
> I could do nothing (system is readonly and nothing under /dev). I used
> the newest tarball from [1] and operated according to the guide [2] and
> [3].

Yes, and in [2] it is written in chapter 6 that you're supposed to run
the following at that stage:

# export TERM=mach
# ./native-install

Did you do that?

> Then I tried "crosshurd" package, and did as the docs in /usr/share/doc,
> the same thing happened after the rebooting.

You also have to run `native-install' at that stage.

> I remember I did a cross installation one or two year ago, It works very
> fine, just untar-reboot-nativeinstall-reboot-nativeinstall.

So, what exactly was different this time?

> Is it because
> now we start a hurd console by default?(I've ever seen such a discussion
> before in this list)

I think the Hurd console doesn't start by the default configuration.

> So I searched and found the xattr way[4], also from this list. I installed
> modified linux kernel of 2.6.15 and patched "star", then run crosshurd,
> it set all the trans correctly. but after booting it, I found I cannot
> login (yes, the root password is not empty!)... and everything gone well
> after I copied /etc/shadow from the Linux partition.

Now I realize that you finally got your system installed...  :-)


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