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Installing XFCE [It was Re: Installing GNOME]

Michael Banck escribió:
On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 11:08:44AM -0400, Barry deFreese wrote:
"Alejandro Serrano" <trupill@yahoo.es>:

There was a longer-standing error in libbonoboui packaging which
rendered pretty much all of GNOME neither installable nor buildable.

That has been recently resolved and the buildd is currently following
the Debian GNOME team uploading 2.14 to unstable.  No bad surprises so
far, but it will take a while till all the programs are available, and
some might need fixing with respect to things like avahi or gstreamer
which we don't have.

I'll make an announcement here when all is built and ready for testing.

For now, I suggest using XFCE4 if you need a graphical desktop (if that
one installs properly right now).

Well, it seems my Hurd will never get a graphical desktop other than fwm :'-(. I've tried installing xfce4, but apt'get complains about unmet dependencies. When I try, to install, for example,, xfwm4, it complains about "procps" not being installable. But then, procps tells me that "psmisc" has replaced it.
What should I do?


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