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[Debconf-announce] (no subject) [Debconf-announce] A fine DebConf tradition is back — SAUNA! [Debconf-announce] DebConf12 Mass OpenPGP Keysigning: 18:00 Thursday, July 12 in Roberto Terán [Debconf-announce] Advice for moving around at Night [Debconf-announce] Afterparty (Pool closed) Re: [Debconf-announce] Arriving at Managua airport [Debconf-announce] Assassins game: results [Debconf-announce] Assassins: game over [Debconf-announce] Assassins: in case of trouble, ask [Debconf-announce] Assassins:new rule [Debconf-announce] Beginners' Spanish in Roberto Teran today at 18:00 [Debconf-announce] Call for photographer [Debconf-announce] Cheese and Wine preparation [Debconf-announce] Concert: Mueve tu Mouse con Libertad [Debconf-announce] Conference Dinner [Debconf-announce] Day Trip [Debconf-announce] DebConf12: Last call for keys for keysigning in Managua, Nicaragua [Debconf-announce] Debian "flags" [Debconf-announce] Debian Coffee bags [Debconf-announce] Departure shuttles [Debconf-announce] Energy shutdown tomorrow morning [Debconf-announce] First Cheese and Wine preparation meeting TODAY 16h Aula Magna [Debconf-announce] Food tickets at DebConf [Debconf-announce] Hacklab Rules Wiki Page [Debconf-announce] Hiccups of the Assassins module in Penta....but the game started anyway [Debconf-announce] Last Chance to be part of the Assassins game [Debconf-announce] Last reminder : handling Cheese and Wine "material" tomorrow [Debconf-announce] Lightning Talks! [Debconf-announce] Looking for volunteers for the Cheese and Wine party [Debconf-announce] mall run to purchase SIM cards [Debconf-announce] Move your mouse with liberty [Debconf-announce] News from the Cheese and Wine Team: what to do with your cheese, and wine, and anything else [Debconf-announce] Plan to come to DebConf and still at home? Don't forget your cheese! [Debconf-announce] poetry session tonite [Debconf-announce] Post office [Debconf-announce] Storing cheese (and other perishable material) for the Cheese and Wine party [Debconf-announce] video training session today, 17oo [Debconf-announce] we all live in a yellow submarine^w^w^wseminole now [Debconf-announce] we need talk room coordinators! [Debconf-announce] Workshop: Traduciendo para Debian Edu The last update was on 03:10 GMT Sat Jun 08. There are 47 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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