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[Debconf-announce] Conference Dinner

Dear DebConf12 attendees,

after the delicious Cheese and Wine Party yesterday we have tonight on
our "after talks schedule" the _Conference Dinner_.

We will visit the Tiscapa Lagoon in the heart of Managua:
After a short visit to the lookout on top of the little volcano, where
you can see all Managua, we are going to have a nice outdoor dinner on
the other side of the lagoon, protected by a shelter with a palm leaf
roof, in case of any rain.

Please be ready between 7pm to 7:30pm tonight at the Hotel Seminole
(http://debconf12.debconf.org/map.xhtml), there will be buses to
transport us to the lagoon (10min ride). To facilitate the organization
I hereby ask you to be on time.

Thank you!

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