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[Debconf-announce] Day Trip

I'm very happy to announce DebConf12's Day Trip: We are going to León:

We will leave on Wednesday, 11th of July, at 9 o'clock in the morning to
the beach of Las Peñitas:
http://vianica.com/attraction/219/las-penitas-beach Once there, after an
hour and a half bus ride, you will be able to enjoy the Pacific Ocean
for a couple of hours, swim and have lunch there.

At a rented house on the beach a women cooperative from the indiginous
community of "Sutiaba" are going to serve us the lunch: "Nacatamales", a
traditional food based on corn and cooked in banana leaves (vegetarian
and vegan options available).

Afterwards (around 1pm), three different activities are going to be
offered, you'll have to choose one of them:

* Leon - Visit the historical city of Leon, learn about colonial and
revolutionary history of Nicaragua:
* Juan Venado Island - Nature and wild live on the mangrove forest
island: http://vianica.com/attraction/13/juan-venado-island
* Volcano "Cerro Negro" - Climb the youngest volcano in Nicaragua

This day the dinner is going to be moved to 8pm to 10pm. But at the way
back from Leon to Managua we are going to stop in the town of "Nagarote"
and you can buy yourself one of it's famous Quesillos (cheese, sour
cream and onions rolled in a corn tortilla)
http://vianica.com/nicaragua/leon/nagarote/8.7 to survive till dinner.

The hacklab will be kept open this day in case you prefer staying at the
venue, but no activities are going to be scheduled at the venue for this

The general trip and lunch for all is for free, you might have to pay
for some small additional costs on your own (in total between US$1 to
US$ 20), such as museum and national park entry fees, boat rent, rent a
snowboard to sandboard down the volcano, etc.

Do you want to come with us? Please check "I will attend Day Trip" in
Penta in order to book your trip. :) Please do so before Monday, 9th of
July at 18:00 GMT (noon in Nicaragua). You can make it a lot easier for
us to organize the Day Trip taking your decision soon.  Be conscious
about that a marked Day Trip, which is not going to be attended will
cause unnecessary costs for the DebConf.


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