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[Debconf-announce] News from the Cheese and Wine Team: what to do with your cheese, and wine, and anything else

The C&W party organisation is going on.

To make the event easier to organise, we need you to deposit the
cheese and other perishable goods you brought AT THE HOTEL RECEPTION.

Please bring it before Monday 9:00am. 

Please avoid bringing stuff directly to the party. It makes life
miserable for those who have to arrange thigns.

If you have non perishable material, mostly wine and other
${BEVERAGES}, you are requested to bring them  in room 104 (Gunnar
Wolf and Regina Daichmann) BETWEEN 9:00 and 12:00 on MONDAY 9th.
It will help us a *lot* if you do so and it will make our life
miserable again if you don't.

Many thanks in advance for helping us to turn this into the best C&W
ever....once again.

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