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[Debconf-announce] Cheese and Wine preparation

Remember: the Cheese and Wine is YOUR event. It cannot happen without
you, your cheese, your ${BEVERAGE} or whatever special ${SOMETHING}
from your place which you'd like to share with fellow DebConfers.

So, please go to :


and don't forget "registering" what you bring or intend to as it helps
A LOT to know what we'll have and need to prepare.

So, today, we just had a first Cheese and Wine preparation meeting today
(slightly improvised, sorry for the late notice).

It helped starting to setup tasks for volunteers as we have many small
details to organize and *I* have a lot of stress to share.

WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS to help. For this, you need free time, good
will...and be prepared to skip dinner on Monday 9th.

If you volunteer, please register on the wiki page in "Orga Team and
tasks", under "Available volunteers aka wanabee Cheese
Assistants". We'll find something for you!

If you do, please attend the TWO preparation meetings:
- Saturday 7th 8:00pm Roberto Teran
- Sunday 8th 8:00pm Roberto Teran

If you have questions, please find /me and ask (I usually wear a red
cap with "bubulle" written on it and most often a white t-shirt, so
should be easy to spot)


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