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[Debconf-announce] Assassins game: results

Here are the results of the game:

Winner: Gema Jasquiel Jiménez Cantarero, 7 kills
   2nd: Daniel Kahn Gillmor, 4 kills in 2days 18h 58 minutes
   3rd: Lenin Zamir Flores Rossmann, 4 kills in 5days 21h 1minute

3 players with 3 kills: 
 Philipp Kern
 Luis Carlos Uribe
 Anton Oussik
 René Mauricio Mayorga
 Felix Delattre

3 players with 2 kills: 
 Jennifer Vargas Gonzalez
 Ernesto Illescas-Peláez
 Gunnar Wolf Iszaevich

6 players with 1 kill
 Hansel Paul Miranda Wave
 Enrique Orlando Nabet
 Giacomo Catenazzi
 Rafael Ernesto Rivas Méndez
 Regina Daichman
 Pedro Julián Moreno Patiño

2 people survived until the end (where I killed them with the 
Holy Hand Sock of Antioch):
 Pedro Julián Moreno Patiño
 Gema Jasquiel Jiménez Cantarero

Fastest kill: Leandro Gomez in 6 hours
Quickest consecutive kills: Gunnar Wolf hitting Judit Foglszinger 
                            and Martín Ferrari in 21 minutes

We had an overall participation of 44 players. And, guess what? That
was fun. So, let's bring some anarchy next year in Switzerland and do
it again.

See you at Le Camp!

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