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[Debconf-announce] Last Chance to be part of the Assassins game

Hello fellow Debconf 12 attendees,

You have 10 hours left before the fun begins. And if you have'nt, you
can STILL register for the so-called "Assassins" game. Despite the
name, no violence, no hate, just fun. 

The game begins today, Saturday 7th, 21:00 sharp. Each game player
will receive a mail with him|her target name. Be sure you read you
mail tonight or you risk being ghosted without even knowing who you
should ghost.

Just ask Sledge how happy he was when he gently brushed me with a sock
in the hotel lobby in Mar del Plata, or Silvia Alvarez when she did
the same *during* the Group Photo in Caceres. Or Mark Shuttleworth who
I personnally "sockified" in the bar where Canonical was offering
DebConf an Open Bar (he seems to have recovered since then).

To be part of this fun, you just need to check the "Participate in the
Assassins game" checkbox in your personal page in Penta :

And, starting from 21:00 tonight, be careful when walking in Managua
streets. Socks are everywhere.


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