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Re: [Debconf-announce] Day Trip

Here is an update about tomorrow's Day Trip:

* We will leave tomorrow morning at 8:30am from Hotel Seminole
(http://debconf12.debconf.org/map.xhtml). Please be there on time!
* Be prepared to a hot day and being exposed to the sun for a while. For
this reason we encourage you to take the following two measures:
  1. Please take things with you to protect you from the tropical sun:
Hats and sun blocker cream are highly recommended. Depending on your
sensibility to intense sun you might also bring long trousers and a long
sleeved shirt.
  2. Take at least one liter (two would be better) of water with you.
You can buy them in the little University restaurant on the side of the
hacklab, in the hotel or almost all little stores, pharmacies, the mall
and the supermarket.
* There will be the possibility to swim in the Pacific Ocean. Bring
appropriate swim wear in case you want to do that.
* The volcano tour is going to be the most intense one, not just because
of hiking the volcano (2 and a half hours walk to go up and down), as
well because people who attend this option will have to leave a bit
earlier from the beach in order to get to the volcano on time (it is the
farest destiny).

Have fun!

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