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[Debconf-announce] Food tickets at DebConf

If you have paid the Corporate or Professional registration fee for DebConf12 and asked to eat with the group, or if you have been granted sponsored food, you will receive paper food tickets when you check in at the DebConf front desk at the hacklab. If you are attending DebCamp, note that we are currently only distributing tickets for this week, and you will get the tickets for the main DebConf week later.

If you have not paid for food or been granted sponsored food, you can still choose to eat with the group during DebConf/DebCamp, by buying tickets from the front desk. The price will be around 96 USD for eight days' food tickets (two meals per day). It should also be possible to buy tickets for individual meals, but our caterers would like to know the number taking each meal 24 hours in advance.

If you have food tickets but will not be eating a specific meal (or stop using them altogether), we also ask you to return food tickets which you will not use to the Front Desk 24 hours in advance. If you keep the food tickets but don't use them, DebConf still has to pay for your meal.


DebConf12 front desk

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