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[Debconf-announce] DebConf12: Last call for keys for keysigning in Managua, Nicaragua

DebConf12: Las call for keys for keysigning in Managua, Nicaragua

As part of the 13th Debian Conference in Managua, Nicaragua, there will
be OpenPGP (pgp/gpg) keysignings.  If you intend to participate in the
DebConf12 keysignings, please send your ascii armored public key as
explained at [0] no later than 23:59 UTC on Thursday 5th of July, 2012.

You have less than 2 days and a few hours to send your key.

More (and up-to-date) information is available at [0], so keep watching

[0] http://people.debian.org/~anibal/ksp-dc12/ksp-dc12.html

If you have questions please send them to the mailing list at
debconf-discuss@lists.debconf.org. If you don't want to post to the
mailing list, send your questions to anibal@debian.org and

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