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[Debconf-announce] mall run to purchase SIM cards

Since people have had mixed results getting working data SIMs, I thought I'd
offer to do a group purchase of movistar SIMs for people.


For C$100 (~5USD), you can get a local SIM that enables you to access an
unlimited data plan for the price of US$1/day plus tax - and they have a
promotion where you get the first 5 days free.

If you would like me to pick up a SIM for you, find me today before 7pm and
bring either US$5 or C$100.  If you want something other than just a data
plan and would like to go along to the mall, I'll be leaving at 7pm sharp
from hacklab 1.

Please note the operating frequencies listed on
although this is an unlimited plan and nominally provides 3G service, my
experience is that my phone will only talk 2G.

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