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The APT problem Broken libc6 only a little bit ;) bug in bessel function in glibc 2.1 Bug#36059: marked as done (libc6: towlower() does the same as towupper()) Bug#37933: fixed in glibc 2.1.1-11 Bug#37933: marked as done (problems during glibc build on m68k) Bug#37933: problems during glibc build on m68k Bug#38412: marked as done (Postinst creates ugly output) Bug#38897: repeatable netscape crash Bug#38897: reward offered (was: Re: Bug#38897: Acknowledgement (repeatable netscape crash) ) Bug#38897: reward offered (was: Re: Bug#38897: Acknowledgement (repeatable netscape crash) ) Bug#38978: (libc6) signal 4, illegal instruction (on i386SX) Bug#38978: more info Bug#38998: libc6 2.1.1-10 causes programs to SIGILL on 386sx/16 Bug#39071: libc6-dev: ctype.h contains "-pedantic -O" warning Bug#39071: marked as forwarded (libc6-dev: ctype.h contains "-pedantic -O" warning) Bug#39077: libc6-dev: db.h errors when compiling Bug#39078: _PATH_MAILDIR wrong in libc6-dev Bug#39080: lib-tricks depends on libc6, but libc6 conflicts with it Bug#39168: libc6-dev: wrong manpage mentioned in socket.h Bug#39440: libc6: Please merge these strings to help localisation. Bug#39537: libc6: init fails under kernel 2.3.6 Bug#39537: marked as done (libc6: init fails under kernel 2.3.6) Bug#39552: libc6: /var/lib/misc doesn't exist Bug#39562: libc6: No Makefile in /var/state/glibc/ Bug#39578: No slibs information for Bug#39584: libc6-dev, missing AX25_PIDINCL definition in <netax25/ax25.h> Bug#39585: tzconfig from libc6 2.1.1-11 broken Bug#39594: fmemopen() absent from glibc Bug#39648: N_AX25 definition missing in <bits/termios.h> Bug#39693: libc6: error in _IO_old_proc_open (libio/oldiopopen.c) Bug#39705: libc6: DB module is compiled with /var/lib/misc Bug#39735: marked as done (parse error in stdio.h and libio.h) Bug#39735: parse error in stdio.h and libio.h Bug#39735: revoking bug-report, my fault Bug#39762: iconv() with NULL inbuf gives strange results Bug#40053: libc6: /etc/init.d/ breaks file-rc Bug#40184: libc6: off-by-one error in strerror Bug#40263: mntent.h missing MNTTYPE_PROC, MNTTYPE_AUTO Bug#40467: libc6: libc6 not stripped Bug#40479: libc6: NMU patch for ARM conflict btwn glibc-doc and manpages-dev Difference in /usr/include/bits/sigaction.h between i386 and alpha Dynamic Linker Problem fgets NULL problem? glibc 2.1 on glibc-bug in fgetgrent glibc_2.1.1-11_i386.changes INSTALLED glibc_2.1.1-12_i386.changes INSTALLED LIBNSS_FILES_SO undeclared problem with ldso and Acrobat reader Problems after upgrade Processed: Processed: Maintainer unknown Processed: Re: Bug#37933: problems during glibc build on m68k Processed: Re: Bug#39582: ddd: segfaults Processed: Re: Bug#39736: ldconfig can't open Processed: SGi News Uploaded glibc 2.1.1-11 (source all i386) to masterglibc Uploaded glibc 2.1.1-12 (source all i386) to masterglibc The last update was on 07:29 GMT Thu May 30. There are 80 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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