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Re: Difference in /usr/include/bits/sigaction.h between i386 and alpha

Ok, after a bit of browsing through the glibc source, it seems quite
deliberate that Alpha doesn't have sa_restorer, although it's not
documented anywhere that I found.  In fact, alpha is not the only arch
without it (i386 and mips are the only ones I've found so far that
actually include it).  Most likely, it was not included on the alpha due
to needing that DEC Unix compatibility (thereby altering alot of things
regarding signals compared to i386).  Remember that i386 doesn't need such
compatibility code since it has nothing it needs to be compatible with :-)

If, in fact, we used to have it (I don't have my slink machine running
right now) in the headers, it was because it was supported then in the
kernel and/or glibc, which might have changed since then.

At any rate, there may be a workaround for this.  I'll take a look at the
code involved.  A slight disclaimer, though: John is good at working
around minor discrepencies and if he didn't include a patch with his bug
report, then it may be better just to pester the upstream authors to make
it more multiarchitecture-friendly in that regard.


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