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Bug#38897: reward offered (was: Re: Bug#38897: Acknowledgement (repeatable netscape crash) )

I hereby offer 50.00 U.S. dollars in e-gold to the first person
who sends me a patch that fixes this bug.

It will be well worth it to me if I can have a stable netscape 
browser.  Also, I like the idea of open source hackers getting
paid in digital cash, so I consider this offer to be an 
experiment, interesting in its own right, as well as a way to 
get my Debian system fixed.

Thanks to the e-gold guys (http://e-gold.com/), who donated the
$50.00 for this experiment.



 In pure Qeng Ho Nese, the term "black market" existed, but 
 only to denote "trade you must do in secret because it offends
 the local Customers".
                       -- Vernor Vinge, _A_Deepness_in_the_Sky_

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