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Re: Difference in /usr/include/bits/sigaction.h between i386 and alpha

On Fri, 11 Jun 1999, Philipp Frauenfelder wrote:

> I looked for the definition of sa_restorer on my system and 
> found it in one of the include files (which is included by 
> wmnet.c): /usr/include/bits/sigaction.c

I believe you mean sigaction.h :-)  At any rate, there are MANY
differences between the bits/ headers on Alpha and i386 and each are
gathered from different sources, if I remember correctly.  I'm
re-extracting the source package now to verify the location(s) of
sigaction.h and the entire bits/ directory.

> I downloaded the version 2.1.1-10 of the alpha libc6.1-dev and 
> made a diff of the two sigaction.h files (see attachment) and it 
> shows that the alpha version has no sa_restorer defined.

This is not unusual.  Alot of things are a bit strange on archs other than
i386.  In the case of Alpha, alot of the discrepencies occur because
Linux on Alphas is also able to run binaries from Digital UNIX, thereby
forcing us to use/have common signals and such, which may differ from
those of i386.

> I'm not a programmer, so I don't know if one should not use 
> this sa_restorer or if the alpha version of sigaction.h is 
> incomplete. Could you shed some light on this, please?

Since I built the glibc on Alpha, I'll look into this further and get
back to both of you.

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