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Bug#37933: problems during glibc build on m68k

reopen 37933

Hi Joel!

I've just finished to build 2.1.1-9 for m68k and wanted to test for
correctness of the m68k-chown patch, but it didn't work :-(

After some analysis I found out that I've made an error in the dpatch
file I've sent you. For lchown.c the path is wrong. The file is
created, but somewhere where it isn't expected, so it also isn't
picked up.

I think making a patch for a patch in a patch can be a bit confusing
:-) So I'll just tell you what needs to be modified: In
debian/patches/m68k-chown.dpatch, find the place where the lchown.c
diff starts (it's the 2nd of 3 files). The pathnames for this file are


but should be


i.e., the 2nd and 3rd component of the path should be removed. The
other 2 files (chown.c, syscalls.list) have correct paths, you can
compare the result with them.

Sorry for the trouble...


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