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Problems after upgrade

Hi there,

    I'm sorry to bother you, but after I made a step-upgrade in my Linux
system some of my programs just started to give weird error messages and
refuse to run.

As the problem itself appeared when I upgraded both libc6 AND xlib6g
(and, possibly, lesstifg), I thought it could be useful for you to know
about it.

The error message I now get when running either of my applications (they
are scientific apps that make extensive use of a graphical X window to
display nuclear spectra, for instance) is the following (xmesc is the
name of the app):

xmesc: error in loading shared libraries: xmesc: undefined symbol:

The same error comes in every other app from the RadWare suite or from
the CMAT suite (both are scientific app suites), and they just
PREVENT the app from running. It must be said, also, that the programs
would run just fine before the upgrade.

My present versions of the libs is:

libc6        2.1.1-10 (the previous was 2.0.7)
lesstifg     0.88.1-2

I'd really appreciate if you could send me some ideas of workarounds
(and/or solve the problem - IF it is a server problem! ;-)!


    Guilherme Zahn

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