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Bug#39537: libc6: init fails under kernel 2.3.6

In article <cistron.E10teXU-0005Rw-00@chinook.stanford.edu>,
 <maxk@chinook.stanford.edu> wrote:
>Package: libc6
>Version: 2.1.1-10
>Severity: critical
>After compiling kernel 2.3.6 and installing it with LILO, the
>following message appears upon rebooting:
>init: error in loading shared libraries: libc.so.6: failed to map
>segment from shared object: cannot allocate memory

That's a known problem in kernel 2.3.6. If you are using development
kernels, you should read the linux-kernel mailing list as well. This
has been discussed in detail over there, and a patch was posted as well.

Note that the next few patchlevels of 2.3.x are going to be even
more unstable, due to a rewrite of the page cache / buffer cache.

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