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Bug#106224: [MailServer Notification]To Sender file blocking settings matched and action was taken. Bug#106224: Out of office Bug#114946: marked as done ([DOC] dpkg-scan* man pages: section8 -> section1?) Bug#118910: Close this? Bug#120562: marked as done (dselect: key bindings have changed but "k" keystrokes screen has not) Bug#122910: marked as done ([DOC] Debian Packaging Manual is obsolete) Bug#131844: marked as done ([S-S-D] start-stop-daemon: a "--check" option?) Bug#133640: marked as done ([SEGFAULT] [S-S-D] [HURD] dpkg: start-stop-daemon segfaults in some cases) Bug#133640: Patch without C99 and constructor Bug#137719: marked as done ([TRIVIAL] --without-sgml-doc causes make install to fail) Bug#140695: marked as done ([DOC] Incorrect info in dpkg-divert man page) Bug#151578: marked as done ([DOC] dselect: help screen isn't updated) Bug#154419: marked as done (fbgetty: Wrong case in "Origin: debian") Bug#154420: marked as done (john: Wrong case in "Origin: debian") Bug#154421: marked as done (libowfat-dev: Wrong case in "Origin: debian") Bug#154422: marked as done (dpkg-scnapackages changes case on control fields) Bug#158753: marked as done (dpkg-query [-l|-W] does not match the manpage) Bug#164591: md5sum <FILE produces spurious ` -' in output Bug#164889: md5sum <FILE produces spurious ` -' in output Bug#168500: and 216319 Bug#168500: marked as done ([DOC] dpkg: --help show unpaired pairs) Bug#175897: marked as done ([DPKG-SOURCE] dpkg-dev: dpkg-source(1) man page tweaks) Bug#178203: xlibs: shlibs generate two xlibs dependencies with dpkg-shlibdeps Bug#179648: marked as done ([DOC] dpkg: Error in update-alternatives(8) man page re: --install args) Bug#192812: marked as done ([DOC] dpkg: --force-bad-verify is not mentioned in dpkg(8) manpage) Bug#201518: acknowledged by developer (Not a bug) Bug#201518: marked as done (debconf: caps in answer) Bug#202997: marked as done (dpkg: Installing and disappearing a package in one go.) Bug#206163: marked as done ([DOC] /usr/share/man/man8/dselect.8.gz: mention dselect update as the prefered way to keep the available fresh) Bug#206500: marked as done (dpkg: mouse within xterm - undesirable) Bug#208992: acknowledged by developer (Unable to replicate) Bug#208992: marked as done ([INTL:de] dselect: German localization broken) Bug#208992: This bug is not specific to German Bug#211850: marked as done (dpkg: --print-architecture segfaults when "gcc -dumpmachine" returns a non-matching triplet) Bug#211856: marked as done ([DOC] documentation update for start-stop-daemon) Bug#212284: marked as done (/usr/share/man/man8/start-stop-daemon.8.gz: start-stop-daemon manpage has ugly non-escaped hyphens) Bug#21236: (ScanMail has found a virus) Bug#216319: marked as done (dpkg: --help odd looking "Use" paragraph) Bug#216695: marked as done (dpkg-architecture needs a small change for hurd-i386) Bug#217042: marked as done (dpkg help screen recommends use of dselect. Should be aptitude/synaptic?) Bug#217823: marked as done (Document the fact that s-s-d does chdir("/")) Bug#218060: marked as done ([DOC] Document the fact that s-s-d does chdir("/")) Bug#219623: marked as done (dpkg-statoverride man page typos) Bug#221235: marked as done (dpkg: typo in start-stop-daemon) Bug#226800: marked as done (use \-\- instead of -- in dpkg-statoverride manpage) Bug#226931: marked as done (dpkg-genchanges: incomplete diagnostic line on unknown field) Bug#227169: marked as done (dpkg-dev: dpkg-source(1) man page is outdated/uprecise about default for -i) Bug#229766: marked as done (dpkg: fix compile time warnings) Bug#230242: marked as done (dpkg's debian/rules: fails when LDFLAGS envvar contains spaces) Bug#230751: marked as done ([DOC] dpkg: Missing . in man page of md5sum) Bug#232317: marked as done ([DOC] Inaccurate info about dpkg --compare-versions) Bug#232445: marked as done ([PERF] cycle breaking algorithm can run into exponential time) Bug#232639: marked as done (dpkg: [DOC] -l without pattern uses /var/lib/dpkg/status, not available) Bug#232831: marked as done (dpkg: manpage suggests non-existent --force-reinstreq option) Bug#233282: marked as done ([DOC] Please mention dpkg-reconfigure(8) on dpkg(8)) Bug#235773: marked as done (dselect: typo in selection help text) Bug#236331: marked as done (dpkg-architecture does not rewrite gcc system type i586-gnu properly) Bug#237675: new multibyte patch Bug#237675: ok with ko_KR.utf-8 Bug#237698: marked as done (dpkg-dev: dpkg-buildpackage -v seems not working) Bug#237734: marked as done (dpkg: should support single character package names) Bug#237915: dpkg: patch to fix the wrong gettext use Bug#238483: marked as done (Support for amd64=x86_64-linux is missing in dpkg-architecture) Bug#239322: marked as done (Dependency should determine unpack order) Bug#240691: marked as done ([DOC] dpkg: start-stop-daemon manpage has misplaced sentence) Bug#241938: marked as done (dpkg: archtable has no support for amd64) Bug#242795: [SEGFAULT]dpkg segfaults when running apt-get --fix-missing upgrade Bug#243304: marked as done (dpkg: eroneous md5sum gave malformatted output) Bug#244624: marked as done ([DOC] dpkg: Minor formating problem in update-alternatives man page) Bug#245994: marked as done ([INTL] Spanish, Brazilian Portugese and Russian manual pages missing) Bug#246103: marked as done (dpkg: [patch] support for DOS-format input in utils/md5sum.c (unstable)) Bug#246158: marked as done (dpkg: [INTL:es] start-stop-daemon(8) update) Bug#246159: marked as done ([INTL:es] dpkg-scanpackages(8) update) Bug#246160: marked as done ([INTL:es] dpkg-checkbuilddeps(1) updated) Bug#246161: marked as done ([INTL:es] dpkg(8) updated) Bug#246162: marked as done (dpkg: [INTL:es] dselect(8) updated) Bug#246163: Bug#246164: non-english characters removed Bug#246163: marked as done ([INTL:es] dpkg-deb(1) updated) Bug#246164: marked as done ([INTL:es] new manpage dpkg-scansources(8)) Bug#246164: non-english characters removed Bug#246595: marked as done (dpkg-dev: dpkg-buildpackage gripes about "Essential: no") Bug#246857: marked as done (dpkg takes too long installing gnome packages) Bug#247116: marked as done ([INTL:de] Translated update-alternatives(8)) Bug#247234: Processed: Re: Bug#247234: g++-3.3: package is broken Bug#248483: marked as done (dpkg: updated Japanese manpages) Bug#249454: marked as done (dpkg: [INTL:de] translated man page of start-stop-daemon) Bug#249604: marked as done (/usr/sbin/dpkg-divert: dpkg-divert(8) refs old packaging manual) Bug#249920: marked as done (dpkg-query.8.gz: -l vs. -l \*) Bug#250176: marked as done (Add GNU/k*BSD to archtable) Bug#250281: marked as done (md5sum(1) says "asterix", means "asterisk") Bug#251069: acknowledged by developer (Not a bug) Bug#251069: marked as done (dpkg: -D vs. --configure) Bug#251711: marked as done (dpkg(8) manpage should use \- instead of - for almost all occurences of '-') Bug#251830: marked as done ([INTL:es] dpkg-divert(8) updated) Bug#251865: dpkg: Format strings, etc. Bug#251865: marked as done (dpkg: Format strings, etc.) Bug#252288: [S-S-D] Please add option to set nodo status code Bug#252346: dpkg: Breaks the debian-amd64 port Bug#252346: dpkg: Patch to revert just the renaming Bug#252346: [Fwd: [PATCH] amd64 support in dpkg] Bug#252346: [PATCH] amd64 support in dpkg] Bug#252407: Bug#252586: Two "forgotten" translations? Bug#252586: Two "forgotten" translations? Bug#252657: dpkg-dev: [arch]-specific Depends broken (see #170575) Bug#252855: dselect: wrong dependency error Bug#253017: Wishlist: dpkg feature for displaying installation-time. Bug#253265: [S-S-D] Please add '--pid' option Bug#253860: dpkg -l | cat still truncates information Bug#254175: TYPO in dpkg-divert manpage Bug#254180: [OSHURD] start-stop-daemon.c:pid_is_user has Linux code Bug#254209: dpkg: Updated Polish translation Bug#254449: dpkg-dev: Please have dpkg-gencontrol and dpkg-source concatenate multi-line fields to one-line where appropriate Bug#254998: Please follow policy 9.4 in printing "working" messages with ellipses ("...") Bug#255123: dselect: Show "Select" introduction screen before going to work Bug#255504: dpkg: config file replacement question is badly phrased Bug#255504: marked as done (dpkg: config file replacement question is badly phrased) Bug#255882: segfault if the deb is removed in the middle of an install Bug#255904: [l10n] Updated Czech translation of dpkg & dselect Bug#256302: XSI:isms in several scripts Bug#256323: dpkg-architecture: bogus warning about gcc system type Bug#256387: dpkg: marking more translatable strings Bug#256417: dpkg: manpage for dpkg.cfg is missing in woody Bug#256589: /usr/bin/dpkg-scanpackages: informational message looks like warning Bug#256790: dpkg: [S-S-D] start-stop-daemon fails to --stop Bug#41554: marked as done ([S-S-D] dpkg: start-stop-daemon --pidfile behaviour doesn't match documentation) Bug#55364: Powerful weightloss now available for you. Bug#65925: Not going to happen Bug#81355: marked as done ([DOC] mention debsums in manpages) Bug#85079: marked as done (dpkg: more dpkg-statoverride manpage bugs) Bug#85815: marked as done (packaging-manual: about dpkg:UpstreamVersion and dpkg:Version substvars) Bug#85818: marked as done (packaging-manual: about dpkg:UpstreamVersion and dpkg:Version substvars) Bug#957: log patch for dpkg Bug#96881: marked as done (Bxx96860: Includes privileged calls in build target.) Bug reports not reaching debian-dpkg! (Was: Processed: retitle) Dirty Next Door Girl posing on cam Does dpkg -P remove libraries? dpkg_1.10.22_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: dpkg CVS commit by keybuk: dpkg/+removed-conflict-files.1087923284.32384.15 dpkg error PATH is not set dpkg postinst.d patch: progress ping dpkg segfault and internal debconf error with ucf-using package dpkg, verify, testing. help on error code Inecnont Amateur Teen with Fserh Bdoy md5sum <FILE produces spurious ` -' in output Mon, 14 Jun 2004 05:25:34 -0600 [NetForward Trouble Ticket #498702] (webmaster) Die Deform der sozialen Ordnung #2342# Processed: adding patch tag (Re: dpkg: patch to fix the wrong gettext use) Processed: amd64 Processed: [Fwd: [PATCH] amd64 support in dpkg] Processed: log patch for dpkg Processed: merge wishes for cleverer conffile merging Processed: merging 236733 96391 Processed: merging 246595 226931 Processed: non-english characters removed Processed: one patch for 2 bugs Processed: reassign 164667 to dpkg-multicd Processed: reassign 241025 to konsole Processed: Re: Bug#208992 acknowledged by developer (Unable to replicate) Processed: Re: Bug#246164: non-english characters removed Processed: Re: Bug#251911: /usr/bin/dh_gencontrol: dh_gencontrol adds the frong architecture to debian/files Processed: Re: Bug#252346: dpkg: Breaks the debian-amd64 port Processed: Re: Bug#252586: Two "forgotten" translations? Processed: Re: Bug#253860: dpkg -l | cat still truncates information Processed: removing pending tag from #254590 (new attached file) Processed: Re: [PATCH] amd64 support in dpkg] Processed: retitle Processed: retitle 21236 to [DPKG-SOURCE][TRIVIAL] dpkg-source wipes out a .orig dir if it exists. Processed: retitle 252346 to [ARCH:amd64] Add support for this architecture Processed: set originator to me Processed: severity of 249920 is minor, merging 249920 232639 Processed: start-stop-daemon still dumps cores Processed: tagging 105750 Processed: tagging 114946 Processed: tagging 151934 Processed: tagging 165882 Processed: tagging 189552 Processed: tagging 189555 Processed: tagging 193979 Processed: tagging 194552 Processed: tagging 197191 Processed: tagging 217823 Processed: tagging 221668 Processed: tagging 230242 Processed: tagging 231089 Processed: tagging 233723 Processed: tagging 235408 Processed: tagging 246595 Processed: tagging 247189 Processed: tagging 249254 Processed: tagging 249454 Processed: tagging 249604, merging 122910 249604 Processed: tagging 250281 Processed: tagging 251830 Processed: tagging 251865, merging 251865 229766 Processed: tagging 252346 Processed: tagging 254175 Processed: tagging 254209 Processed: tagging 254590 Processed: tagging 85815 Processed: tagging 85818 Processed: tagging 96881 Processed: tech ctte decision Processed: This bug is not specific to German Processed: Two "forgotten" translations? Processing of dpkg_1.10.22_i386.changes Re: [SE/Linux] status / progress report 13jun2004 Shy Amateur Teen online now silagra is a generic equivalent of the popular pfizer drug So why not save some money? Symantec AntiVirus ha trovato un Virus in un documento da te creato. Re: tar directory extraction fix Technical Committee decision Re: Name of [the] x86-64/AMD64 port UNSUBSCRIBE unsubscribe want to maintain a package We all know Meds are less expensive in Canada. We only provide you with good deals for a degree Why wouldn't you want to save some money? The last update was on 14:26 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 275 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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