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Bug#164889: md5sum <FILE produces spurious ` -' in output

On Sat, 2004-06-19 at 13:22 +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:

> The Technical Committee has decided:
> > 11. We [require] that the package maintainer indicate
> >     whether they would prefer the bug submitter to prepare a patch.
> >     If so then when the submitter has prepared a reasonable patch, the
> >     maintainer should accept and apply it if they approve; otherwise,
> >     or if they prefer, they should do the necessary work themselves.
> Please advise.
Sorry, was a little swamped (and am away this weekend and just browsing
e-mail over GPRS right now ...)

If you've got a patch to hand, that'd be great; if not, and you want to
throw one to us, that's great too -- otherwise I'll knock one up myself
when I get back.

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