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Processed: merging 236733 96391

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> merge 236733 96391
Bug#96391: upgrade failed because ran out of disk space
Bug#236733: kernel-image: dpkg -i k_i.deb fails with SegFault when out of space on /boot
Bug#15162: dpkg: error, but dpkg does not detect it
Bug#15695: dpkg: corrupt .deb should abort upgrade
Bug#65690: dpkg: dpkg does not complain about the disk becoming full when unpacking
Bug#82407: Please don't leave behind unpacked files on install abort
Bug#89771: [SEGFAULT] Segfault from dpkg when device full
Bug#95570: dpkg: gives nonsensical error "corrupted package archive: Success"
Bug#106224: dpkg: should check whether it's possible to unpack a package before overwriting files
Bug#121173: dpkg: Dpkg doesnt stop on errors that "ar x" reports
Bug#178735: dpkg: broken debs can easily be installed
Merged 15162 15695 65690 82407 89771 95570 96391 106224 121173 178735 236733.

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