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[Thread Index] [Date Index] [Author Index] [Other Debian Lists] [Debian Home] Changing binary files in diff.gz -- Suggesting GPG Age and cunning Bug#356720: marked as done (developers-reference: Please reference qa page Re: package removals) Bug#373816: marked as done (developers-reference: Please encode in UTF-8) Bug#384178: marked as done (developers-reference: Rephrase Be gender neutral) Bug#391023: marked as done (please document the Vcs-* field for describing package's version control system) Bug#401415: marked as done (developers-reference: Fixes for the debconf templates writing guide) Bug#405453: marked as done (typo: s/defailt/default/ in footnotes.en.html) Bug#405818: marked as done (developers-reference: Please explicitly describe how to choose version numbers for NMU of debian native package) Bug#410159: marked as done (Please address schemes for Maintainers/Uploaders inside teams) Bug#412757: marked as done (devref: Please mention the package removals wiki page) Bug#413320: marked as done (developers-reference: copyright instead of README.Debian-source for repackaging) Bug#419507: marked as done (bugs closed bu NMUs are really closed, not tagged fixed) Bug#420540: marked as done (should document how to create -dbg packages) Bug#422750: marked as done (developers-reference: should not suggest passive voice or that scientific publications always avoid first person) Bug#427832: marked as done (developers-reference: Should no longer discourage the use of "error" debconf templates) Bug#428846: marked as done (keyring removal now via RT (Request Tracker)) Bug#445642: marked as done (developers-reference: Please document the use of "Homepage:" in debian/control) Bug#446618: marked as done (wrong dependency in -dbg packages) Bug#464230: developers-reference: drop "Who can do an NMU" section Bug#465696: developers-reference -- Please document more about the buildd and release processes Bug#466423: developers-reference: Please clarify how to properly choose the debhelper compatibility level Bug#467102: 5.9.3: when renaming a package, new name should also PROVIDE old name Checkout the Spirit of Share!! Cursos EFA DDP CVS commit by jseidel: ddp/manuals.sgml/repository-howto Makefile rep ... Debian documentation in Tamil.. Debian Wiki and DD's Reference developers-reference_3.3.9_amd64.changes ACCEPTED developers-reference in SVN DR2: help request on guessnet and ifupdown-extra for network [Fwd: Contrib to Network Administrator's Manual] [Fwd: Suggested adition to Debian GNU/Linux System Administrator's Manual s 12.4.3 Backup software] O Motor de Busca Ecológica Português GOOGLE-ZERO / ECO-FIND ultrapassou 1.000.000 de visitantes em 2 meses de vida SLBusca - A página dos Benfiquistas. Com tecnologia Google. RE:vivir mas y mejor es posible.Libro gratis+Promoción network reference v2: questions about allow-hotplug Processed: retitle 458550 to RM: flashplugin-nonfree/stable -- RoSRM; security nightmare ... Processed: submitter 395563, submitter 395803, submitter 354814, submitter 412757 Processing of developers-reference_3.3.9_amd64.changes Processing of refcard_0.3.2-1_amd64.changes Professional documentation help available for FREE QREN refcard_0.3.2-1_amd64.changes is NEW refcard_0.3.2-1_amd64.changes REJECTED Re: [ #489] klecker upgrade to etch Re: [ CVS access for Debian Documentation - Tamil Language] [ CVS access for Debian Documentation - Tamil Language] Re: Status of Debian GNU/Linux Dictionary Re: Status of Debian GNU/Linux Dictionary- wiki to html Urgente - Solicitações Comerciais. [ Re: [ #489] klecker upgrade to etch] The last update was on 17:59 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 90 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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