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Bug#465696: developers-reference -- Please document more about the buildd and release processes

On Thu, 14 Feb 2008, Kumar Appaiah wrote:
>  * buildd: How the buildds work, packages queued for build etc., where
>    the buildd logs are found, how to react if a package is not built
>    on an architecture where it actually should be built (describe the
>    situations where give back is needed, and how to do it), how to
>    react to problems on architectures which one cannot solve (e.g. ICE
>    on a buildd whose architecture the developer does not have access to).
>    (This would encompass #258437 as well.)
>  * library transitions: What are the conditions which warrant a
>    consultation with release managers before uploading a package which
>    would involve a library transition, and what are the best practices
>    associated with this.
>  * binNMUs: Document the best practices for binNMUs, where and how to
>    request for these.
> Pending your feedback, I would volunteer to collate information on
> these by asking the right people and reading the right pages.

I agree that all this documentation is lacking. However it's a big chunk
of work to create that missing documentation.

buildd are well documented on the website and Wouter Verhelst has written
most of it. Maybe we can simply give pointers to the doc on the website
and expand a bit more on the developer-side of the buildd management.

In any case, feel free to go ahead and try to provide patches.

Raphaël Hertzog

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