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DR2: help request on guessnet and ifupdown-extra for network


I am trying to update "Debia Reference" to etch/lenny era and I wanted
to include description on guess net and ifupdown-extra.

I think documenting best practice for how to handle multiple network
issue and unplugged CAT5 wires are the issue.

If you find following woth improving

As you can see there are few FIXME things here.

Please edit it source at
  http://wiki.debian.org/DebianReference (Home page)
  http://wiki.debian.org/DebianReference/Network (Page for network)

You need to login to wiki first to edit.

You need to ask me to build HTMLs or need to copy build system at



PS: I have shortened quite a bit from the DR1 network section written by
Thomas.  Although the system Thomas developed was quite elaborate, I
thought it may be too complicated.  I wanted this to stay simple and

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