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Re: Debian documentation in Tamil..

On Thursday 07 Feb 2008 4:14:48 pm Jens Seidel wrote:
> Great! I committed it and added a reference to Tamil in
> doc/devel-manuals.wml.

Thank You

> Please note that I could build the HTML file but it was completely
> unreadable for me. So check the result once it is online (in 4 hours).

it appears good.

> You should try to limit line lengths in text documents! 800 characters
> per line are really to much! How do you want to read CVS diffs?
> Read http://www.debian.org/devel/website/htmlediting for details.
> Please send an updated patch which *only* address this and maybe further
> patches for typo corrections ...

I will go through it 

> > I wish to apply for CVS access too. Please approve the same.
> You could follow http://people.debian.org/~joey/misc/webwml.html for
> DDP too but I suggest you continue sending patches for now. 

Sure. I will do.

> PS: Note that many DDP documents are no longer maintained and
> partely outdated. It is probably wrong trying to translate everything.


> PS2: You did not find any errors in the English document? Not a single
> typo, wrong content, ...?

Need to try them out. And had few thought while translating. But nothing big 
and worth reporting. Like the document had little about pools. Thought of 
experimenting before commenting.

Thanks again :-)


Sri Ramadoss M

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