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[WIP] update firefox build status on riscv64 The brief status of Debian riscv porting --2022/05/20 The brief status of Debian riscv64 porting --2022/05/04 Bug#1002079: yubiserver: update ftbfs issue on yubiserver Re: Bug#1010148: openmsx: FTBFS on riscv64 Bug#1010442: ovn: ftbfs on riscv64 Bug#1010507: openmsx-debugger: ftbfs on riscv64 Bug#1010509: nodejs: add more info about build fail on riscv64 Bug#1010686: golang-github-boltdb-bolt: ftbfs issue on riscv64 arch Bug#1010755: qbs: FTBFS on riscv64 Bug#1010807: isc-dhcp: ftbfs on riscv64 arch Bug#1011061: rustc: FTBFS on riscv64 Bug#1011199: thrift: ftbfs on riscv64 arch Bug#1011260: simgear: ftbfs on riscv64 arch Bug#1011263: teem: ftbfs on riscv64 arch Bug#1011322: waypipe: ftbfs on riscv64 (Timeout: 2) Bug#1011367: warzone2100: ftbfs on riscv64 arch (undefined references to `__atomic_exchange_1') Bug#1011451: yoshimi: ftbfs on riscv64 arch ( undefined reference to:__atomic_compare_exchange_1) Bug#1011502: codeblocks: ftbfs on riscv64 arch (error: #error "Unknown CPU architecture") Bug#1012031: suricata: ftbfs on riscv64 arch, but it is ok on unmatche board Bug#1012058: debhelper: riscv64 needs THREADS_PREFER_PTHREAD_FLAG in cmake for atomics-related ftbfs Bug#1012107: riscv64 arch readelf -h *.debug, readelf: Error: Unable to find program interpreter name debian riscv64 stable build question Help to build golang-github-boltdb-bolt on riscv64 hope help reproducible-build to support Debian riscv64 arch Is lintian support riscv arch now? Is riscv support EFI in Debian now? Porting libreoffice to riscv64 arch rmdir: failed to remove '/var/lock': Directory not empty Re: update firefox build status on riscv64 The last update was on 03:20 GMT Tue May 31. There are 93 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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