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Re: Bug#1010755: qbs: FTBFS on riscv64

Hi Bo!

On 5/9/22 16:27, Bo YU wrote:
s error just means that the symbols file(s) have to be updated, see [1].
> Before I filed the bug, I realized the ftbfs issue might be with the
> symbols file as you point.
> `apt source qbs` and the debian/symbols file has the symbols:
> ```
> _ZN6QDebuglsEPKc@Base 1.22.0
>  _ZN6QDebuglsERK7QString@Base 1.22.0
>  _ZN7QStringD1Ev@Base 1.22.0
>  _ZN7QStringD2Ev@Base 1.22.0
> ```
> It seems the symbols file is ok and I try to build it on riscv64
> hardware locally and it is ok :)
> Or I am misunderstanding the buildd log error hint?

It might be that the symbols file mismatch is considered a fatal error on the buildd but
not for your local builds. Or the buildd was building with different build dependencies,
we can try to trigger a rebuild on the buildd.


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