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Bug#1012031: suricata: ftbfs on riscv64 arch, but it is ok on unmatche board

Package: suricata
Version: 1:6.0.5-2 
Severity: minor
Tags: ftbfs 
User: debian-riscv@lists.debian.org
Usertags: riscv64
X-Debbugs-Cc: debian-riscv@lists.debian.org
Justification: fails on some buildd machines (but built successfully on real riscv64 machine)

Dear Maintainer,

I am verfiy the suricata package is build ok on real riscv64
boards(Unmatched board):

Build Architecture: riscv64
Build Type: binary
Build-Space: 1363208
Build-Time: 1266
Distribution: unstable
Host Architecture: riscv64
Install-Time: 172
Job: /home/vimer/05/33_suricata/suricata_6.0.5-2.dsc
Lintian: warn
Machine Architecture: riscv64
Package: suricata
Package-Time: 1567
Source-Version: 1:6.0.5-2
Space: 1363208
Status: successful
Version: 1:6.0.5-2
Finished at 2022-05-29T03:45:05Z
Build needed 00:26:07, 1363208k disk space
But it fails on rv-mullvad-03(Unleashed boards), the full buildd log is

In file included from suricata-plugin.h:21,
                 from decode.h:31,
                 from detect-engine-alert.h:28,
                 from suricata-common.h:503,
                 from alert-fastlog.c:27:
autoconf.h:23:13: error: ‘undefined’ undeclared here (not in a function)

So if we can try build it on some unmatched boards?


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