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The brief status of Debian riscv porting --2022/05/20

Over the past two weeks, we have tried to fix some ftbfs issues and other than
that Debian riscv porting everything else is fine. The good news is that many people or other originations want RISC-V to become Debian official architecture because the downstream will need Debian stable release as their build infra,e.g [0]&[1]. So the mail will list the conditions for becoming a Debian official arch and check the progress of most of the conditions so far so that people outside the community can understand the current situation and they can contribute with any kind of help in their own way. One thing to be noticed that is I am new to the Debian port and most resources are collected from IRC or wiki. if there is something wrong here, please correct me.

In this issue:
+ Some useful links from the release team
+ Now Debian RISC-V porting situation for release
+ Ftbfs issue update

* Some useful links from the release team
** Debian release management website[2] is collected here about all release info, you can learn about the recent release updates from here.

** bookworm candidate release architecture criteria[3] lists all criteria of architecture is considered as the release candidate.

** architecture requalification status for bookworm[4] lists all candidate release arch(if this is right). This is should be a living page but as the page
hints that the main part of the qualification process only happens near the end.

** bookworm freeze timeline and policy page describes the freeze timeline for bookworm. Not sure the freeze timeline will affect if Debian RISC-V become release arch or not.

* Now Debian RISC-V porting situation for release
We will according to the arch requalification status list RISC-V has its own status now. ** portbox[5] && buildd[6]. Now Debian RISC-V community needs some real riscv64 hardware resources to speed up the port process. Sure, We are now waiting for some resources to become available also. But if you find a way to contribute hardware resources please tell the riscv64@buildd.debian.org or the mail list. Especially portbox, which is one of the necessary conditions for release.

** installer: Not sure about it and found a message[7], if there is any problem potential, please point to it. Worry about how to unify a large number of RV development boards with their boot config file.

** archive-coverage: the latest coverage can refer to here[8]

** buildd-dsa: the portbox is owned by buildd-dsa[9], so there is no confirmation.

** autopkgtest: it is as alias as debci[10]. The rvlab[11] has offered 6 unmatched boards for debci team. This is will be deployed at some point as debci people said. Thanks everyone here:)

** concerns-rm: -> concerns-removal?

** concerns-srm: -> as release candidates?

** concerns-dsa:

** concerns-sec: What standard if get confirmation from debian-security team?

In fact, maybe this is non-sense to just list those statuses about Debian riscv64 port. But we'd better find out the risk points, so as not to rush the time

* Ftbfs issue update
The FTBFS issue page is here[12]. Big project like firefox[13] and rustc[14] is still here.

If you have any concerns about that will stop riscv64 become Debian
release or Debian RISC-V ports, please tell the mail list or if you are interesting about it, you can join #debian-riscv on oftc also.

[0]: https://source.chromium.org/chromium/chromium/src/+/main:build/linux/sysroot_scripts/sysroot-creator-bullseye.sh;l=12
[1]: https://source.chromium.org/chromium/chromium/src/+/main:build/linux/sysroot_scripts/sysroot-creator.sh
[2]: https://release.debian.org/
[3]: https://release.debian.org/testing/arch_policy.html
[4]: https://release.debian.org/testing/arch_qualify.html
[5]: https://wiki.debian.org/PortsDocs/BuilddPorterboxSetup
[6]: https://wiki.debian.org/buildd
[7]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2019/06/msg00017.html
[8]: https://buildd.debian.org/stats/graph2-ports-big.png
[9]: https://wiki.debian.org/BuilddSetup
[10]: https://wiki.debian.org/debci
[11]: https://github.com/plctlab/riscv-lab-access
[12]: https://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ftbfs.cgi?arch=riscv64
[13]: https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=firefox&suite=sid
[14]: https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=rustc&suite=sid

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