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Re: Porting libreoffice to riscv64 arch


Am 23.05.22 um 19:16 schrieb John Paul Adrian Glaubitz:
I think it would be more wisely to discuss this issue with LibreOffice upstream and get your
patches merged upstream.
Yeah, I would have submitted it upstream if we had a patch in a sensible state. Without any bridges' code matching for risc64 I didn't start that yet.
This way, other distributions like Fedora and openSUSE will profit
from your efforts as well.

True, but not in the current state. Unless one of those wants to do the  bridges?

And then you have some upstream assumptions Debian tries to work around (like the ability to disable LTO. Which is default upstream.) which make stuff more complicated. Let's not talk about the gazillions of internal libraries.




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