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Re: rmdir: failed to remove '/var/lock': Directory not empty


Quoting Bo YU (2022-05-11 15:49:17)
> Selecting previously unselected package base-files.
> (Reading database ... 8586 files and directories currently installed.)
> Preparing to unpack .../base-files_12.2_riscv64.deb ...
> Unpacking base-files (12.2) ...
> Setting up base-files (12.2) ...
> rmdir: failed to remove '/var/lock': Directory not empty
> dpkg: error processing package base-files (--configure):
> installed base-files package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
> Errors were encountered while processing:
> base-files

this is not a problem with sbuild or with libreoffice. From your log it seems
that the base-files package wasn't installed in your chroot before. This means
that the following line from the base-files postinst will be executed:


Usually, that conditional only get executed when you run debootstrap or
mmdebstrap because only in those scenarios should it happen that an
Essential:yes package is not installed yet. In your case, your chroot was
missing an Essential:yes package (base-files) and sbuild tried to install it
which failed because your chroot was already set up and thus had files in

You should be able to solve this problem by using a chroot that contains all
Essential:yes packages. How did you even create one without all of them?


cheers, josch

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